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Guitar, 5-String Banjo, Mandolin, Dobro and Slide Guitar Instruction and Tablature

My name is Harold Streeter. My wife, Adrienne, and I run a "mom-and-pop" music company called LeWalt Publishing. We've offered tablature and other instructional materials from beginning to advanced level for guitar, 5-string banjo, mandolin and Dobro since 1974, and our web site has been on line since 2000. Since that time, we've developed over 3200 arrangements (and counting), plus various books and courses for guitar, banjo, and mandolin.

If you're looking for performance-quality 50's to 90's acoustic Rock and Pop, or Classical, Celtic, Latin, Jazz and Standards, Country, Bluegrass, Folk or Blues arrangements from any era, this is the place. Although many of our titles are of the hard-to-find-elsewhere variety (some extremely so), it's impossible of course to have them all. If you don't find what you're looking for, we also offer custom arranging and transcription services - just e-mail us at lewalt@icehouse.net, or give us a call at
(208) 773-0645.

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Before moving to another page, here's what a few folks have had to say about our products and services:

Letter to Fingerstyle Guitar Magazine
from Jim Berton - Bessemer, Michigan

"I'm writing to let you in on America's best kept secret on fingerstyle guitar. There's a guy out in Idaho named Harold Streeter that sells his arrangements to over 700 songs, and they are the best I have ever seen, heard, or played. He arranges in standard and altered tunings, and has collections of songs at reasonable prices.

His arrangement of "Ave Maria" will send tingles up your spine. I can't say enough about this guy. I can also call him directly if I have a question on one of his arrangements. A very pleasant person. I'm planning on taking a trip out and take some private lessons from him. Like I say, he's America's "best kept secret!"

Dick Hefner - Gastonia, North Carolina

"I started ordering music from you probably around 1975 or so, and I think I still have every tablature of yours that I ever ordered. I've always considered it the very best instructional material I've ever found, and when my other music books exited the house through yard sales or whatever, I always refused to part with yours."

John Gabbard - Pahrump, Nevada

"Your arrangement of "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" is fantastic - it really brought the song to life. Also, while in Sedona, Arizona, I learned your composition "Ab Initio" that you wrote about Sedona's beautiful scenery, and every time I hear or play it, I can see the beautiful mountains there. At age 65, I still try to practice 2 hours a day. I enjoy the arrangements of yours I have selected, and I have music for a lifetime."

David Humphrey - Houston, Texas

"I have enough of your material to last a lifetime, Harold, but I'm always looking at your lists for songs I've always liked but couldn't figure out. Thanks for your work...it's given me great pleasure."

Scott Jones - Our Lady of Victory School

"Harold is a good friend of the staff here at OLVS and is very supportive of home study. In fact, you can hear him play on many of the songs on our "Songs for God and Country" CD. Whether you are just beginning with the guitar, banjo, or mandolin, or have played for years, we highly recommend his instructional recordings and sheet music for all home schoolers."

John Edwards - Mableton, Georgia

"I can't say how much I appreciate your having developed the Banjo II course. I have been looking everywhere for a teacher who could teach me to understand the "why" of banjo music instead of just teaching me the "how." I didn't want to just learn how to memorize a bunch of songs that had already been tabbed out for me by somebody who held some secret banjo knowledge. This course is effectively teaching me how to be my own teacher. You have helped me lay down a solid foundation on which I can build my banjo playing for the years to come. You are honestly the best banjo teacher I have ever had."

Tim White - Austin, Texas

"I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed working with the music you've sent me...I'm not sure if you realize how difficult it is to find complete arrangements at a performance level but then again, I suppose you do since you're very much in the business...I've learned as much from you in the few months I've had your material than I have in the going on two years I've been torturing my five strings...I'm a light intermediate at best player who is mostly self-taught, although I hesitate to use that term because no matter how we learn what we learn, it ususally comes from that which came before us...it doesn't matter if you learn a thousand beginner pieces, you're still playing at a beginner level and all of the intermediate material I've managed to get my hands on is always incomplete arrangements...I preface this with; God bless Earl, because few can say they've redefined an instrument, but even his book for the most part doesn't offer complete arrangements the way you do and with all the nuances included as though you were there giving the lesson in person...please don't go anywhere because I'm sure I can find more material in your library that I want to order".

Brian Saulsman - Snohomish, Washington

"I just wanted to write and say how much I am enjoying your Banjo II course. I really appreciate the thought you've put into it, and the assignments that I have worked on so far have helped me to work through the types of things that I have just faked in the past. I am only on lesson three. Even though I am not very far, I like how I have found myself working things out more thoroughly, so that I feel a sense of completion. I realize that the songs are never "completed" but I have had a tendency in the past to gloss over songs, not really advance them musically, and then feel like I didn't progress. It's also been really fun to apply these ideas to other songs outside of the lessons.

Although I know that the goal is to not write the compositions down, I have found it very helpful as a way to see how my ideas evolve. I am a middle school teacher, and I have also really appreciated your thoughts about the learning process. Thanks for making this available. It is helping me structure some of my banjo playing time, in a way that makes me feel much more successful about what I am playing. I am sure that you have many satisfied customers -- you can add me to the list".

Paul Moyer - Lexington, Oklahoma

"Sir, with all due respect, you are absolutely amazing. I really enjoyed the previous work and I am sure I will enjoy this. I am looking for more material. You are a treasure".