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Beginners' Bluegrass Mandolin

by Harold Streeter

  Consisting of complete written & recorded instructions in book and CD form, Beginners' Bluegrass Mandolin takes you from the absolute beginning to intermediate level. You'll have fun learning how to play lead and rhythm through easy, yet complete, bluegrass arrangements through an approach to learning that does far more than just get you started on the mandolin ...

Here's what's included in the Beginners' Bluegrass Mandolin course ...

  • How to tune your mandolin.
  • How to play open and closed chords.
  • Bluegrass picking techniques, including tremolo and cross picking.
  • How to read tablature.
  • Left-hand techniques, including slides and hammer ons.
  • How to play lead (melodies) and accompaniment with other musicians.

plus 10 popular bluegrass arrangements...

Played by just about all bluegrass bands and so complete they are like 10 private lessons, the first 6 songs are:

Dark Hollow         Nine Pound Hammer
Pallet On Your Floor         Bury Me Beneath the Willow
New River Train         Wreck of the Old 97        

  All 6 songs include:

  • Basic melody with lyrics.
  • Basic level bluegrass arrangement.
  • Intermediate level bluegrass arrangement.

The last 4 songs are popular intermediate level fiddle tunes. They are...

Cuckoo's Nest         Fisher's Hornpipe
Leather Britches         Dusty Miller            

Two hours of recorded instruction on CD...     

In addition to complete and clear instructions on tuning and technique, the Beginners' Bluegrass Mandolin course CDs feature:

  • All basic melodies demonstrated at normal tempo.
  • All basic level arrangements demonstrated at slow tempo.
  • All intermediate level arrangements demonstrated at slow tempo.
  • All 10 arrangements demonstrated at normal tempo with guitar accompaniment, designed for your participation to play along with each song.


        Here's what Bluegrass & Old-Time Mandolin Magazine has to say about the course...

        "Harold Streeter, and his firm, LeWalt Publishing, have become well known over the years as suppliers of high quality tablatures and instructional material for bluegrass instruments. His "Beginners' Bluegrass Mandolin" course is well up to the usual Streeter standard, and deserves the attention of all beginning players. Not only is the clarity of instruction extremely high, but there is enough material in the course to take you comfortably through the early stages of learning and well on to an intermediate level of musicianship...I particularly liked the idea of the songs having two breaks at two different levels. The simple break gives the beginner the encouragement needed to play something which sounds good, while the more advanced break develops technique and the idea of improvisation...the course is one of the best on the market for beginners, and it should be of immeasurable help to all those who are beginning their careers as Bluegrass mandolinists."

.To order Beginners' Bluegrass Mandolin...


For online purchasing, just click on the How to Order link at the top of this page, and click on the PayPal link near the top of the How to Order page. For paying by check or money order, just click on this link: ready-to-print order form, write
Beginners' Mandolin Course, order number BM6159
on the form and send it along with a check or money order for $24.95 ($32.95 overseas)
(payable to LeWalt Publishing), to:
LeWalt Publishing, 4930 E Horsehaven Ave, Post Falls, Idaho 83854 U.S.A.
Within 15 days of receipt of your check, you'll receive your book and recordings.

Order #BM6159

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