LeWalt Publishing - Guitar, 5-String Banjo and Mandolin Instruction - Harold Streeter

Private Instruction & Performances
(in Eastern Washington and North Idaho)

... for Guitar, 5-String Banjo, Mandolin, Dobro, and Bass ... with Harold Streeter

If you're just getting started ...

  Our beginning programs are designed to guide you from the first time you hold a stringed instrument, to intermediate level, and cover such topics as ...

Basic Chords - Music Theory - Chord Runs - Barre Chords - Note Reading Tablature Reading - Strumming - Flat Picking - Fingerstyle - Playing by Ear Accompaniment - Tuning Methods

If you already play ...

  But would like to continue developing your musical skills and knowledge, custom programs tailored to your interests are available to help you progress. In addition to more advanced applications of the above topics, you'll learn ...

Lead Solos - Improvisation - Applied Music Theory - Chord Construction - Scale Construction - Arranging Principles - Advanced Techniques - Altered Tunings

In the styles and musical forms of your choice ...

Guitar (steel-string, nylon-string, electric):
Rock, Jazz, Pop, Bluegrass, Country, Blues, Latin, Classical, and Celtic ... in Flat Pick and Fingerstyle ...

5-String Banjo:
Bluegrass, Country, Blues, Jazz, Pop, and Classical ... in Scruggs, Melodic, and Clawhammer styles ...

Bluegrass, Blues, Pop, and Latin

Dobro and Slide Guitar:
Bluegrass and Blues

Additional Private Instruction Features

  As an additional service at no extra charge, students have access to over 2400 recorded guitar, 5-string banjo, and mandolin selections that include "play-along" sections to help you develop your timing. Just bring blank CDs to your lessons, and we'll do the rest (this offer extends only to individual tablature arrangements listed on our web site and not to CDs which serve to accompany books or are part of courses).

  Also, if you'd like to record your lessons for home study reference, just bring a cassette recorder to your lessons.

Performance Schedule
(of interest to anyone passing through or living within driving distance of eastern Washington and north Idaho)

  Due to my teaching schedule, the ol' performance schedule isn't what it used to be. During the winter, in addition to teaching workshops and giving private lessons, I give occasional solo guitar concerts in the area, and teach banjo and guitar classes at North Idaho College. During the summer, it's more of the same, plus traveling to other parts of the country to teach workshops.

  For class instruction, log onto www.nic.edu, click on the Workforce Training Center, then onto "current catalog," and then onto "creativity."

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