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The Guitar Primer - by Harold Streeter

  The guitar course that replaces all the books ... written and recorded in clear language you can understand.

If you're just getting started ...

  The Guitar Primer is a complete 16-lesson course designed to guide you from the first time you hold a guitar to mid-intermediate level through many hours of enjoyable playing. Regardless of your musical interests, whether they be folk, rock, country, jazz, or bluegrass, and whether your goal is to play like Chet Atkins, Roy Clark, or Andres Segovia, we all begin by learning the same things.

  With the Guitar Primer, you'll be able to explore the facets of the guitar that lead to all of those interests, such as:

Basic Chords - Flatpick & Fingerstyle Techniques - Accompaniment
Note Reading - Tablature Reading - Barre Chords - Music Theory
Chord Runs - How to Arrange Songs - Playing by Ear - Tuning Methods

Learn without frustration ...

  With teaching methods that have been successfully employed by the author in private and class instruction for over 40 years. It's an approach that help you learn how to teach yourself through hundreds of easy-to-understand diagrams, written and recorded explanations, and recorded demonstrations.

And you'll be able to apply everything you learn to over 70 melodies and chord progressions written in tablature and standard notation.

.Just like private instruction...

  You'll find studying with the Guitar Primer is almost like having an instructor in front of you, except better, because you can review any topic as often as you wish...and you can proceed at your own rate, feeling confident every area is thoroughly covered.

Play along with recorded accompaniment...

  All songs and techniques in the course are demonstrated in several ways. Best of all, you'll find the real fun is in playing along with the songs on the recordings. All songs have been recorded with your participation in mind to help you learn how to alternate between playing accompaniment and melodies. While learning in the privacy of your home, you'll gain the knowledge and confidence needed when playing with others.

The equivalent of over 50 private lessons...

  The Guitar Primer is presented in a smooth, logical order of graduated lessons that build from basic to complex, beginning to end. Every lesson is the equivalent of three private lessons, and includes all written material; sheet music, tablature, and diagrams...plus a recording of narration and demonstration.

Guitar Primer Table of Contents...

     For even more information on all the subjects covered in The Guitar Primer, just click here to view the complete Guitar Primer Table of Contents. A link is provided at the bottom of the table to bring you right back to this spot.

Free introductory CD with your first lesson...

  Included free with your first lesson is a CD which contains valuable information about developing efficient practice methods, and guitar maintenance.

How to receive your Guitar Primer lessons...

  You'll receive one lesson a month for 16 months for just $16.00 per month (Europe, $20.00 per month, Japan and Australia, $25.00 per month), including shipping and handling. Compared to private instruction fees, that means each Guitar Primer lesson costs one-fifth as much as private lessons.

To receive your first lesson and free introductory CD...

  Just click on the ready-for-printing order form at the bottom of the "How to Order" page, write Guitar Primer Lesson One, order number GP6140 on the form and send it along with a check or money order made out to LeWalt Publishing, for the amount shown in the above paragraph (amount varies according to country), to: LeWalt Publishing, 4930 E Horsehaven Ave, Post Falls, Idaho 83854 U.S.A.

  Within 15 days of receipt of your check, you'll receive your first lesson of the Guitar Primer consisting of prepunched lesson sheets, a recorded lesson (CD), your free introductory CD, and a simple form already made out to send in with your next lesson payment.

Order #GP6140

Purchase the COMPLETE GUITAR PRIMER COURSE at one time...

  To learn at a faster rate and not wait for monthly lessons to arrive, purchase the complete Guitar Primer course for just $159.95 plus shipping and handling (U.S. and Canada: $14.00, Europe: $25.00, Australia and Japan: $35.00). That's a $248.00 value that includes: all written materials in book form - (spiral bound to stay open on your music stand), and 17 CDs (including introductory CD).

Order #GP6142

60-minute sample CD of all 16 lessons...

  For more information on how the Guitar Primer can help you learn to play guitar, a 60-minute sample recording containing narration and demonstration excerpts of all 16 lessons is available for $6.95
(post-paid in U.S. and Canada - Europe, please add $4.00, Japan and Australia, $6.00).

Order #GPS6141

To order any of the above items ...

  Just click on the ready-for-printing order form at the bottom of the "How to Order" page, write in the items you'd like to receive, and send the form along with a check or money order (made out to LeWalt Publishing) to:

LeWalt Publishing, 4930 E Horsehaven Ave, Post Falls, Idaho 83854 U.S.A.

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