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Classical Guitar - by Harold Streeter

For fingerstyle guitar players who prefer reading tablature...

     If you now play classical guitar, but have experienced frustration learning from other sources, or if you'd just like to add a few classical guitar arrangements to your present repertoire, this may be the book for you.

     Ranging from intermediate to advanced level and spanning 64 pages, "Classical Guitar" is actually a "mini-course" of 15 graduated arrangements from the 17th century to the present.

The songs in Classical Guitar...

  • Minuet in G - Anonymous
  • Minuet in E - Adam Falckenhagen
  • Minuet in Canon - (key of E) - Wenzel von Radolt
  • Sarabande in G - Lodivico Roncalli
  • Minuet in E - Anonymous
  • La Grima - (key of E) - Francisco Tarrega
  • Adelante - (key of D) - Harold Streeter
  • Minuet - Allegro, Op. 22 - (key of C) - Fernando Sor
  • Prelude - (key of D minor) - Santiago de Murcia
  • Bourree - (key of E minor) - Johann Sebastian Bach
  • Ab Initio - (key of E) - Harold Streeter
  • Romance - (key of E minor) - Anonymous
  • Vals Venesolano # 3 - (key of E minor) - Antonio Lauro
  • Malaguena - (key of E) - Ernesto Lecuona
  • Minuet in E Minor - Johann Sebastian Bach

The Recording...

  • Most of the arrangements in the book are demonstrated at normal tempo only, with accompaniments appropriate to each composition.

(Total time of recording: 45 minutes)

How to order Classical Guitar:

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